Why is raw food diet different

By | October 17, 2020

why is raw food diet different

What Is a Plant-Based Diet? Many people on a raw food diet believe that it makes the body better able to prevent and fight diseases, especially chronic conditions. Food prep and storage is a huge portion of home power bills. You may need to read labels and take the time to find brands that pass muster on a raw food diet. And some foods are actually less nutritious when they’re uncooked. What is the Mediterranean diet? Raw beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors that are normally destroyed with cooking.

On the road to good health, there are many forks. Some paths, such as vegetarianism or the Mediterranean diet, have considerable science supporting them. Others, such as the vegan or plant-based diet, which shuns all animal products including eggs and dairy, are winning converts. And then there’s a new offshoot, the raw vegan diet, which deems cooking to be unnatural and unhealthy. An increasing number of celebrities — most recently, tennis sensation Venus Williams — swear by this diet as the best way to prevent and reverse diseases and to stay young and vital. Testimonials from ordinary folks are endless, boasting advantages along the lines of having more energy, better skin, improved relationships with woodland creatures and so on. But on your road to good health, the raw vegan diet would likely be a U-turn. If you are already vegan or vegetarian, you have nothing to gain and much to lose by going totally or even mostly raw. Even doctors who prescribe and live by a vegan diet caution their patients against attempting a raw diet. The reason?

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