What is the best diet to live longer

By | July 4, 2020

what is the best diet to live longer

The 5 eating habits that can extend your life, according to a nutritionist. Everyone wants to live a longer life. But the goal of longevity is also to live a better life, with improved mental and physical wellness, and the ability to be active and independent. While genetics do play a role, lifestyle is a much more significant factor, and nutrition is a big piece of the puzzle. Here are five eating habits to adopt to up your chances of extending your life and enjoying each year with vigor. I know you hear this one a lot, but eating more produce is truly one of the most important and impactful habits you can adopt. And guess what: most Americans are way off the mark. According to the CDC, only one in 10 adults eats enough veggies and fruit. In addition to upping your nutrient intake, reaching those minimums may add years to your life. A meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of mortality from all causes, especially heart disease. Aim for at least five servings a day.

The average lifespan of an American is Although we are living longer than ever, that quantity of years is not always high in quality. A few alarming facts from the CDC. There are many factors that are contributing to these increases in obesity, including more sedentary lifestyles and more processed foods high in saturated fat, calories, and refined sugars. When we look at areas of the world with long lifespans, we find common denominators that have nothing to do with access to state-of-the-art modern medicine or even a strong gene pool. In fact, the long lives of the people in these regions primarily have been attributed to something most of us can control: diet and exercise. They have social circles that reinforce healthy behaviors. They take time to de-stress. Here are few of the common foods which are available at American mainstream grocery stores that were popular among the centenarians in the Blue Zones. Previous Next. View Larger Image.

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They eat the smallest meal of the day us the late afternoon or evening. The aromas wafting from her stove make me hungry. By Dan Buettner. I join her family and Gianni Pes, an epidemiologist who studies the region. A few alarming facts from the CDC. A review on dietary intervention in obesity associated colon cancer.

Hu says that none of the five factors stood out as more important than the others; the benefits in saving people from disease and in extending life were similar across all five. They drink alcohol moderately and regularly-approximately glasses per day.

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