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Does diet soda affect bone density

So here you are, a woman in your late 50s, watching the bathroom scale inch up every week. You’re eating the same things you always have; following the same exercise regime and you’re gaining weight anyway. As you age, your metabolism gradually slows, meaning that the calories you take in are burned more slowly than… Read More »

Does casey carry the new diet coke

How can you help? Stop in today, and round up your purchase to support Hope for the Warriors and Children of Fallen Patriots. If so, we want to see your creations! What has 23 flavors and pairs perfectly with pizza? Dr Pepper! We’ve got a fresh look, but we’ve also got fresh veggies. Casey’s has… Read More »

Does keto diet affect afderall

My main concerns are ingredients that are high in Vitamin C that might be affecting the medication to work properly? When cutting, he reduced his carbohydrate intake, but he immediately increased it again at the first sign of ketosis for reasons he explained in some detail. As doses increase, some may also turn to other… Read More »