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Diets for the heart

Make the simple steps below part of your life for long-term benefits to your health and your heart. Regular physical activity can help you maintain your weight, keep off weight that you lose and help you reach physical and cardiovascular fitness. Ideally, your activity should be spread throughout the week. You may be eating plenty… Read More »

Why low fat diets are best for diabetes

Lifestyle management. Studies that did not meet our inclusion criteria were excluded. For heterogeneity between diabetes studies for diets data on fasting HDL cholesterol is fully explained by the relatively robust increase fat HDL-cholesterol concentrations in response to low-carbohydrate food in the study by Elhayany et al. If dosage increases, it generally indicates are blood… Read More »

Hyponatremia and low carb liquid diets

Dehydration by itself tends to be self-correcting. So, case closed, right? Kale and broccoli — These two are vegetable superfoods. Intermittent fasting is a big deal these days, I wrote my first article on IF back in Strap in for the next few paragraphs. Fluctuations in fluid balance with the keto diet can be attributed… Read More »