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‘Break the chain’: Fauci confronts India

Scientists have lashed the Indian government for “squandering” its early successes in managing the COVID-19 outbreak, in a blistering editorial in a top medical journal. The article in The Lancet said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attempt “to stifle criticism” as the crisis escalates was “inexcusable”. It came as the top US infectious diseases expert… Read More »

Take break on low carb diet

We know it can be frustrating to see friends and family successfully losing weight and gaining health with low carb when you feel you are not. What else can I do? Is this eating plan right for me? This guide helps answer those questions and more! We explain what a true stall is, review how… Read More »

Diet lemon tea break fast?

So you might wonder what you can eat or drink without breaking a fast? Water, still or sparkling, most teas and black coffee are the only things you can drink or eat without breaking a fast. But certain drinks have so many other benefits such as lemon juice that they can outgrow the risks of… Read More »