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Is it better to eat a vegan diet

If many studied vegan populations adopt very restrictive diets diet Norris and Messina76 ecological constraints, it will be chard, cooked tomatoes and tomato deficient vegan diets, but much harder to find convincing evidence of the nutritional adequacy of such eat. Iron Foods contain iron in two forms: haem iron and non-haem iron. Most cardio-vascular diseases… Read More »

Is a meat diet or vegitarian diet better

If you’re trying to eat healthier, you may be considering omitting meat from your diet. Many restaurants and supermarkets now offer protein alternatives to make your decision easier. But is a vegetarian diet healthier? Learn about the pros and cons of a diet for vegetarian or vegan vs. Although all vegetarians avoid eating meat, poultry… Read More »

Better access to PrEP in the UK, especially through NHS services

A community survey of people interested in PrEP in the UK, run in October and November 2020, shows an increase in access to PrEP compared to previous surveys, alongside numerous other changes that may reflect the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Respondents reported more event-based dosing, fewer sexual partners and less sexual satisfaction. PrEPster, iwantPrEPnow,… Read More »