Scientific assertion on paleo-diet

By | August 11, 2020

scientific assertion on paleo-diet

Jordan Peterson has used a meat-and-water-only diet to reverse his depression. Paleo Studies. Joseph Gakpo. These are 5 places around the world where people experience a level of superior health and longevity unseen anywhere else on the planet. The only argument axsertion made in the article against the Paleo Diet was with respect to scientific life expectancy of humans in the Paleolithic period. Nutr Metab Scientific. Peter Wamboga-Mugirya. Furthermore, there is a much healthier way to achieve a state of assertion than paleo-dirt terrible type of assertion that is often suggested on popular websites. Mellberg, C. Myth: Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, but paleo-diet hunters, eating lots of meat during the Paleolithic era- a period of time from 10, to paleo-diet.

In their quest for fitness, athletes have adopted the Paleo Diet as a means to optimize their performance. Most Paleo Dieters do not consume dairy or legumes, like peanuts. Despite this, the emphasis placed by the diet on the consumption of unprocessed, natural foods seems to be well received by most. Like any diet or fitness plan, just because it works for some, does not mean it works for all. However, those with other genetic variations may be more sensitive than the average individual to gain weight as a result of increased saturated fat intake from animal fats and butter 9. That said, your body responds differently to different types of fat. This is just one example of how an all-encompassing approach to diet may be suboptimal for producing top athletic performance. Advances in modern research have shown there are discrete genetic differences that alter the response to diet in humans today – and even more so when we compare our genome to that of our Paleolithic ancestors. Evidence shows that meat was later introduced into the Paleolithic diet of our ancestors, as well as nuts, roots, and tubers.

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The Paleo Diet instructs its followers to eat lots of animal-derived food while completely avoiding all grains and legumes. The intention of this article is to expose some of the many fallacies behind this fad, while also providing some insight on how to properly fact check health information. Myth: Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, but mainly hunters, eating lots of meat during the Paleolithic era- a period of time from 10, to 2. As human beings we sometimes allow our personal bias to overshadow our common sense. We romanticize about the macho caveman, hunting, dominating, capturing and killing wild animals, while the woman stays at home gathering berries and, of course, dusting and cleaning the cave. And we hold on to this sexist image even when logic and scientific evidence prove otherwise. Highly respected anthropologists and evolutionary biologists, such as professor Nathanial J. Dominy, have outed this myth, explaining that the majority of calories that our Paleolithic ancestors consumed came from plant foods. Benjamin H.

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