How to prevent ketoacidosis while on keto diet

By | August 15, 2020

how to prevent ketoacidosis while on keto diet

Will you consider joining us as a member as we pursue our mission to make low carb simple? Some blood glucose meters also have the ability to check for blood ketones like Nova Max Plus and Abbott Precision Xtra. Health Topics. Phinney and Dr. A year-old white woman presented to our county hospital with a history of nausea, vomiting, heart palpitations, trembling and extremity spasms. Did you enjoy this guide? As far as we know there are no high-quality studies RCTs that test these supplements and determine their health effects, beyond raising ketone levels. Atkins diet revolution: the high calorie way to stay thin forever. Find articles by Alina Kifayat. Medically reviewed by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph. When blood sugar levels

The low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diet has been popularized in the press recently, touting multiple health benefits such as weight loss and increased energy. In this diet, participants intentionally push themselves into a state of ketosis and usually do not develop metabolic complications or illness unless put under certain circumstances such as stress and prolonged fasting. We report a case of starvation ketoacidosis in a year-old male with well-controlled diabetes mellitus type II following a strict ketogenic diet who then underwent prolonged fasting. Although the ketogenic diet with or without periods of fasting might yield short-term weight loss, it has potentially dangerous side effects, including ketoacidosis. It is recommended that people, especially those with comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus type II, consult their physicians before initiating this diet. Clinicians must keep a broad differential when evaluating acute metabolic acidosis. The ketogenic diet is a strict nutritional regimen consisting of low carbohydrates, high fat, and adequate protein [ 1 ]. It can be modified by the addition of intermittent or prolonged fasting which will also restrict caloric intake. In certain conditions, this ketosis can develop into overt ketoacidosis, causing a decrease in pH and serum bicarbonate level, leading to serious illness and hospitalization. Malnutrition and poor dietary intake are ways to enter a state of starvation that may result in ketoacidosis [ 4 ]. Gastric banding has also been associated with a risk of starvation ketoacidosis [ 5 ]. Besides ketoacidosis, the ketogenic diet may lead to electrolyte abnormalities, hypoglycemia, acute pancreatitis, and dyslipidemia [ 6 ].

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Is it healthy or harmful to be in ketosis? This guide provides all the information you need about ketosis, including its benefits, potential risks, and tips for successfully getting into ketosis and staying there. What is ketosis? Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body uses fat and ketones rather than glucose sugar as its main fuel source. Glucose is stored in your liver and released as needed for energy. However, after carb intake has been extremely low for one to two days, these glucose stores become depleted. In ketosis, your body produces ketones at an accelerated rate. Ketones, or ketone bodies, are made by your liver from fat that you eat and your own body fat. The three ketone bodies are beta-hydroxybutyrate BHB, acetoacetate, and acetone although acetone is technically a breakdown product of acetoacetate. This happens mainly overnight while you sleep but usually only in tiny amounts.

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