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HGH has multiple effects. DIE massive study published in keeping your blood sugar DIET habits of over 15, adults. Ketogenic diet is great at The Lancet analyzed the dietary – not necessary low. The difference also becomes KETO of Anabolic hormone, meaning it promotes growth. Resistance training is key. HGH

It seems that every couple of years a new fad diet pops up and takes the country by storm. Atkins, Paleo, the Mediterranean diet, and now we have the Keto diet, all of which promise incredible results in a short amount of time. The key difference here is that beyond the anecdotal evidence that comes with any new diet craze, the Keto diet has sound science backing it, and truly does seem to be effective in weight loss. But why is the Keto diet catching on so quickly in bodybuilding culture? Of course people want to shed as much extra fat as they possibly can to show off their hard-won gains, but is the Keto diet effective when trying to build muscle? Here is a quick rundown of how and why ketosis might be one of the best diets out there for getting absolutely shredded. The reason for this is that the Keto diet actually changes how your body uses energy as opposed to other diets that simply limit or cut out certain foods. Your body loves carbohydrates. The energy contained in carbohydrates is easily accessible to our bodies, and is broken down into glucose or glycogen for immediate use or later storage. This process is called ketosis and results in your body breaking fats down into ketones, which replaces glucose as an energy source. First, your body will use all of the remaining glucose available that is stored in the liver before it begins processing stored fats. While there are plenty of testimonials about how effective the Keto diet is, many fail to really hammer home the point that you have to stick with it for an extended period to see real results.

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