Gluten free weigghtwatchers diet

By | October 4, 2020

gluten free weigghtwatchers diet

Many people who follow the gluten-free diet find that they lose weight without needing to do anything special — it appears to work in a number of cases, even though it’s far from clear what it is about the gluten-free diet that might lead to shedding pounds. But if you’re not among the lucky ones who drop 10 or 15 pounds simply by dropping the gluten protein from your diet, you might be in the market for a gluten-free-friendly weight loss program. And finding such a program sometimes is easier said than done, since many of the most popular diet programs map out your allowed foods pretty precisely and those allowed foods often contain gluten. Nonetheless, here are three popular weight-loss programs that you can follow pretty easily, even if you’re also gluten-free. So if you’d like to eliminate some extra flab, but your gluten-free program alone simply isn’t giving you the results you want, these diets could do the trick. The original South Beach Diet did allow for some gluten-containing foods, although not many and only after Phase 1 of the diet. In fact, diet creator Dr. Arthur Agatston has credited the lack of gluten in Phase 1 for many of the positive effects he said his own patients experienced when they first started South Beach. Based on these results, Dr. Agatston published another book — The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution — which eliminates all gluten for about a month as part of the program and then reintroduces it to see if the dieter reacts.

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