Chinese hard noodles on keto diet

By | November 4, 2020

chinese hard noodles on keto diet

If you miss ordering Chinese takeout, this low carb and keto lo mein is going to be your new favorite recipe. With a few common ingredients, zero carb konjac noodles, and a scorching hot pan, you can make this copycat keto lo mein recipe! Updated photos and video on July 7, Another Asian-inspired recipe! This post is all about marinated konjac shirataki noodles. This easy keto lo mein recipe mimics the take-out variety really well! The konjac noodles have a nice bite to them which is reminiscent of rice noodles. I will walk you through how to avoid any funky smells, tastes, and textures.

Peggy 2 years ago. Prep Har 10 mins. You May Also Like. Easy Keto Egg Noodles. They will release more water. Another product that is worth. Shirataki noodles are almost zero.

Thank you. I have made them numerous times. Tasty compared to the ones packed in water. Can’t wait to try it out. I have issues in that dept and so many fiber products make things worse, but shirataki helps. I rinsed both that and the pre packaged rice. Thank you Alan, I like the idea of cooking them in chicken stock! Invalid URL. I haven’t heard of “tofu shirataki noodles” but would personally avoid that as tofu is a highly processed form of soy.

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