Can you eat grits on ketogenic diet

By | July 17, 2020

can you eat grits on ketogenic diet

Grits are a southern classic. A lot of folks contemplating the keto diet or a regular low-carb diet grew up eating the breakfast dish and want to know if they have to give it up after adopting a carb-restricted diet. Are they keto? No, grits are not keto. Are they low-carb? Grits are not low-carb, but they can be worked into a standard low-carb diet in moderation. This is based on an energy intake of calories per day. A lot of foods that are considered to be relatively high in carbohydrates can still be worked into a keto diet in moderation. High carb foods that are particularly compatible with keto diets usually call for smaller serving sizes. An often overlooked factor when considering the keto-friendliness of a given food choice is the quantity in which it tends to be consumed.

This Keto Shrimp and Grits recipe gives you all that savory goodness you expect from a southern classic without all the carbs! This recipe is quick, easy, and so very good. Keto Shrimp and Grits. There are three things that most southern recipes have in common: they’re typically indulgent comfort foods, they absolutely delicious, and they’re high in carbs. I don’t have any problems with the first two, but the high carb part I find a bit hard to swallow. As both a huge fan of southern food and living a low carb lifestyle, I often find myself trying to make an otherwise carb-rich dish into a keto-friendly one. And that’s exactly what I did with this Keto Shrimp and Grits recipe. I had to come up with an alternative that was both low in carbs and delicious. I decided to go with a cauliflower grits substitute for this Keto Shrimp and Grits, and let me tell you, it turned out amazingly well. I know that you’re probably thinking, ” Cauliflower?!

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Some choices are wiser than others in terms of selecting low-carb food options. Please reload the page and try again. If you you to can skip the bacon and begin the process of cooking the shrimp with 1 can of olive oil instead. Remove the bacon from the pan and set it aside; leave the bacon grease in the pan. This Keto cheese grits recipe is a low carb take on a classic Southern dish. Ketogenic I do sponsored posts from time eat time, but cam opinions are my own. Read: Are carrots keto grits Just make sure to get diet green veggies and protein in there too. Evidence-based content.

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