Alkaline diet plan for athletes

By | September 21, 2020

alkaline diet plan for athletes

One such craze which has withstood the test of time is the Alkaline Diet. Established in , the Alkaline Diet is based on the premise that different foods have different pH levels and can be classified as either acidic or alkaline. Specific to the athletic population, an overly acidic bodily pH is claimed to negatively impact performance by prolonging recovery time, weakening body tissues leaving the athlete prone to sports injuries and lowering energy levels. The diet encourages people to choose more alkaline foods to balance out acidic foods and advocates for an ratio of alkaline to acid foods to create an optimal pH balance, which in turn results in optimal health. In reality, this means cutting out acid-producing foods, including red meat, fish, poultry, dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, distilled water, some fruits… you get the gist! Previously associated with benefits relating to general health and wellbeing, eating alkaline is now being increasingly promoted as a way for athletes to gain an extra edge over the competition. And with each article, new claims emerge. The Alkaline Diet has also been claimed to relieve osteoporosis, reduce inflammation and even to reduce cancer growth. First up, we must address the science that underpins the Alkaline Diet. We do this by questioning whether consuming a diet containing predominately alkaline food actually enables us to achieve this optimal pH balance. The human body has many effective mechanisms set in place to closely regulate pH levels throughout the body, making it near impossible for outside influences to be of consequence.

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Athletes for alkaline plan diet

Because, no diet stores more glycogen in the muscle as a high-carbohydrate diet. Lemon, for example, is extremely acidic pH of 2, but it has a powerful alkaline effect in the body. Basically, the body does a pretty good job of maintaining its own pH balance without us going on a diet to assist this. DH: “Research, try, and connect with people who are experienced in plant-based diets. The researchers had the participants attempt to run a meter sprint on 3 different occasions. DH: “I’ve been doing home workouts that include HIIT body exercises like burpees, squats, press-ups, ab workouts, and yoga stretching.

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