Alcoholism use of ketogenic diet dr fife hershline

By | November 13, 2020

alcoholism use of ketogenic diet dr fife hershline

Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Kindle Edition. International Shipping. Bruce] [May, ] by Dr. Bruce Fife Aug 17, Bruce Fife Feb 20, He also investigated the importance of nutrition on brain health. Without glucose, brain cells literally starve to death.

Bruce Fife is a nutritionist, physician, and author of the book, Ketone Therapy. In this book, Dr. Fife discusses the ketogenic concept, which involves consuming a high fat, low carb, and moderate protein diet, and its many benefits. One of the key benefits of a ketogenic diet includes the production of anti-aging results. Ketones are an alternative source of fuel in place of glucose. This is like putting a clean fuel into your car. As a result, the body is healthier. Ketosis can also protect and restore vision problems. Research shows that major degenerative eye diseases are associated with high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. If blood sugar levels can be controlled through the ketogenic diet, you can help prevent or reduce your risk of experiencing these diseases. Fife also discusses why ketosis is a great way to approach weight loss. Constant hunger can make a diet seem very difficult.

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